FCC Saves Insurer Nearly $100,000 on $400,000 Construction Defect Claim

Posted On: 04/Apr/16

When an insurer received an estimate to complete repairs related to water damage in a Southwest Florida estate home, $400,000 seemed high, so FCC was retained for an opinion.

Once retained, FCC investigated the water damaged elements in the estate home, and prepared a cost opinion to repair and settle the potentially litigious claim. The water damage had arisen out of claimed construction defects, and in an effort to settle the claim, insurance defense counsel, retained FCC for a detailed cost opinion.

FCC not only delivered a favorable cost opinion for the damages, but also obtained a bid to complete the work at the same price by a licensed and well-regarded contractor. The cost opinion and bid allowed the insurance defense counsel to amicably and swiftly resolve the potentially litigious claim.

To request a cost opinion from FCC, please call 239.403.3502 or contact us today.

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