Michigan Water Heater Damage and Mold Investigation


At the request of the homeowner of this residence, an inspection was performed by FCC to assist in determining the cause of water intrusion within the residence. An additional mold issue was found during our investigation.


Based on our inspection, it was proven that the source of water was most likely from the water heater pressure valve’s over-pressure condition caused by a surge in water pressure.

Additionally, after further investigation and discovery, FCC found active mold growth in a number of areas within the ground floor. This active mold growth (which is typically associated with water damage events) was located immediately adjacent to the water heater.

FCC also discovered additional issues with the home after hearing complaints of irritation and sickness from the homeowner. We found that the fresh air intake line was unconnected in the ceiling above the laundry/mechanical room with no glue on pipe fittings.

Particulates from the dryer exhaust then traveled throughout the interior of the residence, causing increased irritation and adverse health effects. This condition is also conducive to spreading mold spore if present and we are currently testing for this condition.


After help from FCC, our team came to the following outcomes and next steps for the water damage.

  • Install safety valve on incoming municipal water lines as soon as possible.
  • Eliminate wet areas around water heater, utility sink, etc. as soon as possible.

Regarding remediation for the mold issue, the residence needs particulate cleaning and mold remediation of all air space, surfaces, furnishings, and decorative items. The interior will also require air scrubbing equipment, HEPA vacuuming of all surfaces, and any other necessary cleaning and equipment as advised by Summit Laboratories.

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