Vero Beach Estate Water Damage


After investigation, FCC found that as many as 25% to 30% of the window and door assemblies showed structural damage as a result of severe water intrusion. Based on those observed conditions, it was clear that long-term water intrusion through and around the window/door elements has occurred and that further interior water damage is expected to be discovered.

Additionally, numerous areas of mold growth have been uncovered, which can be harmful to specific immune system-challenged individuals.


A majority of the water intrusion was found to be the result of systematically failed window and door assemblies. As many as 25% to 30% of the windows and doors will need to be removed in order to repair the failed structures.

Additionally, there is substantial evidence of failed waterproofing details as originally installed. This relates, in part, to the water intrusion and the inability of the windows and doors to resist normal weather conditions.

Outcome & Recommendations

FCC recommends the following options to address the issues and findings above.

  • Develop a scope of work to replace the existing windows and doors with new, current, code-compliant assembles (the best long-term solution).
  • Develop a scope of work to repair the existing windows and doors, which is not the recommended option. However, it is viable as a moderate-term solution.

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