Property Insurance Claims Consulting

Are you struggling with your insurance company to support your building failure claims? Or are you an insurance company involved in a construction dispute looking for a seasoned company to provide guidance? Forensic Construction Consulting assists individuals in dealing with their insurance companies on claims, as well as insurance companies in sorting out the costs of a construction dispute.

Claims Consulting for Building Owners

If you’re a building owner, investor, or individual¬†going through a claims dispute or other insurance issue¬†stemming from a building issue Forensic Construction Consulting can help. We routinely assist building owners in determining the cause of the underlying issue and work with you and your insurance company to coordinate insurance payouts and bring your construction insurance matter to a resolution.

Claims Consulting for Insurance Companies

As an insurance company, it’s important to know and understand the costs you’re responsible for in the event of building or structural damages. That’s where Forensic Construction Consulting comes in.

Our team will complete a thorough assessment of a claim to provide accurate costing to work out a claim that is fair for both the insurance company and the client. Our wealth of knowledge and expertise in building failure analysis will ensure you pay a claim that is in line with the damages.

For more information about specific services related to work with insurance companies in times of building failure, see below.

Insurance and Building Owner Claims Services

Below is a list of services offered for Insurance and Building Owner claims:

  • Insurance Dispute Resolution
  • Insurance Claim Consulting
  • Building Envelope Evaluation
  • Defect Causation Analysis
  • Standard of Care Analysis
  • Thermal Imaging Investigation
  • Remediation Construction Repair Protocol Development
  • Moisture Intrusion Analysis
  • Damage Cost Analysis Reporting
  • FEMA, Building Code and Other Regulatory Compliance Review
  • On-Site Investigations
  • Final Repair Evaluation Reporting

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About Us

Forensic Construction Consulting is an investigative company dedicated to assisting our clients through the complicated building damage and construction litigation issues. We understand all legal, insurance, and construction aspects of a project to help resolve your particular issue.

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